We offer energy advising and engineering services throughout Vancouver Island, the gulf islands, and northern B.C.

We believe in building a clean and bright future.

Current rebates offer thousands of dollars in grants to offset the costs of energy-efficient upgrades.

Let our passion and experience guide you:


We take pride in saving you money and making your life easier.


We gather data specific to your home or building, outlining how to increase energy efficiency and lower emissions.

We identify all applicable rebates for your project and budget.


We ensure correct and timely progress.

Buildings and homes contribute 18% of Canada's greenhouse gas emissions.

Today’s energy efficient processes and technologies allow us to decrease these emissions, while making our homes more comfortable and valuable. In fact, studies show that energy efficient homes sell for about 10% more than their less efficient counterparts. This means you can simultaneously increase the efficiency and value of your home, while also decreasing energy costs and emissions and contributing to a cleaner, healthier planet. There is no better time to act: available rebates will repay you thousands of dollars to offset your renovation costs.

Whether you are a residential homeowner looking to renovate your current home or you are a builder or contractor building new or renovating existing homes, we look forward to working with you to ensure you achieve your goals. We can help you improve the efficiency and comfort of homes and buildings, while also saving money on future energy costs and lowering greenhouse gas emissions. Our expert advice will inform you of all available rebates and will lead you through all necessary processes to obtain them.


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