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Energy Advising and Engineering services throughout B.C.

Are you a licensed Energy Advisor?

We offer personalized support and File Management to ensure your assessments are filed quickly and efficiently. For more information please email:

Rebate Update

As of February 12, 2024, while the Federal Greener Homes Grant Program is no longer available, the Provincial rebate programs, as well as the Greener Homes Loan, and Oil to Heat Pump Affordability programs continue to help homeowners improve their energy efficiency! 

Let our passion and experience guide you.


We take pride in saving you money and making your life easier.


We gather data you can trust and rely on.


We identify all applicable rebates for your project and budget.


We ensure correct and timely progress.

Energy efficient homes sell for 10% more, on average.

You can simultaneously increase the efficiency and value of your home, while also decreasing energy costs and emissions. There is no better time to act: available rebates will repay you thousands of dollars to offset your renovation costs.

Leave the details to us.

The first step is to book an EnerGuide home evaluation. We will show you how to increase your home's energy efficiency, achieve rebates, and save money on your next home renovation.

What our customers say

Dan came promptly and did a thorough assessment of our house and then sat down to explain how the report would arrive and what steps we will need to take. Very reassuring and helpful! 

Great company, handled all our fussy paperwork stuff, made the purchase of our PV system a breeze! Well worth the small fee for what they do.

Having GETS Energy as part of the process streamlined everything and made it go smoothly. I'm not the best at paperwork and their service of taking on the role of completing the application is worth the money! 

Territorial Acknowledgement

We are grateful to live, work and play on the traditional territories of many First Nations, all of whom have a long standing relationship with the land and waters from time immemorial that continues to this day. We thank the Indigenous communities whose territories we reside on for being stewards of the land and our teachers in maintaining a sustainable relationship with nature. 

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