Whether you want to:

- install a heat pump,

- improve your windows/doors/insulation,

- set up solar panels, and/or

- simply learn more about your options for increasing energy efficiency, our team of Certified Energy Advisors are ready to guide the way!


There are currently many rebates available that will repay you thousands of dollars when installing energy-efficient home retrofits suited specifically to our climate. The first step is to book an EnerGuide home evaluation today!


An energy evaluation will give you access to:

- up to $5,600 from the Canada Greener Homes Grant program,

- the 10 year, Canada Greener Homes Loan which allows you to borrow up to $40,000 interest-free, and

- up to $20,000 in additional rebates.

For an extra $85, our GETS Application Service will personally guide you through the provincial and federal rebate processes. For more information, see step 6 below.

Follow the steps below to achieve the rebates available: