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Whether you want to install a heat pump, improve your windows, set up solar panels, or simply learn more about the available upgrades that could increase the energy efficiency of your home, our team of Certified Energy Advisors are ready to guide the way!


We make it easier for you to improve the comfort of your primary home and achieve the rebates that will save you thousands of dollars on applicable renovations. At this point in time, rebate reimbursements are not available without the completion of a pre- and post-EnerGuide home evaluation: book your GETS EnerGuide home evaluation today and we will help you achieve all applicable rebates!


We go above and beyond typical energy advising services by personally guiding you through the rebate application process. Leave the details to us and we will identify and apply for the rebates for you.

Follow the five steps below to achieve the rebates available:


1. Book a pre-retrofit EnerGuide home evaluation

Call or email us today to book a pre-retrofit EnerGuide home evaluation before you start your renovation. We respond to all inquiries within two business days and aim to complete assessments within two weeks of receiving requests. There is no better time to book an EnerGuide home evaluation: the Canada Greener Homes Grant currently reimburses homeowners $600 for their evaluations once the energy upgrades are made and approved.

An EnerGuide home evaluation will give you the information needed to:

  1. Empower you to make evidence-based energy efficient decisions for your home;

  2. Access rebate programs like the Canada Greener Homes Grant, which provides up to $5,600 to help homeowners improve the efficiency of their home; and

  3. Make informed decisions by ranking a home’s energy efficiency rating against others when purchasing a home.


2. GETS Energy conducts on-site EnerGuide home evaluation

Pre-retrofit EnerGuide evaluations assess the energy performance of your home, typically take about two hours to complete on-site, and are performed by our Certified Energy Advisors who visit your home and gather data by completing the following:

  • Mapping and measuring the building envelope (windows, doors, ceiling, walls, and foundation);

  • Identifying insulation levels throughout all areas of your home;

  • Recording the size and efficiency ratings of your space heating, space cooling and water heating equipment;

  • Noting your home’s ventilation equipment; and

  • Testing your home’s air tightness via use of a blower door test.

This information is specific to your household and estimates what your home’s annual energy consumption will be.


3. GETS Energy completes an energy model of your home using the above information and data

Next, the Energy Advisor will develop an energy model of your home using an energy simulation software program. The energy model is a virtual simulation of your home which estimates energy use per year and predicts future energy optimization based on implementing the suggested renovations.

The energy model will:​

  • Compare your home to a new home built to code standard​;

  • Recommend personalized upgrades associated with energy efficiency: each of these upgrades will include an estimate for how much energy the upgrades are expected to save, and how efficient your home will be as a result; and

  • Create an EnerGuide rating and label for your home to allow you to rank it against others via estimated greenhouse gas emissions per year as well as projected energy consumption per year.


You will receive an EnerGuide label, a Homeowner Information Sheet and a Renovation Upgrade Report. You can use this information to estimate the costs and benefits of recommended changes and decide which upgrades (and rebates) are worth actioning within your budget.

4. Review your options and implement the energy efficient upgrades within your budget

Review the results of the EnerGuide home evaluation and use the provided data from the report to decide which upgrades will achieve the greatest energy efficiency within your budget. Complete the upgrades in a timely manner.

5. Book a Post-Retrofit EnerGuide home evaluation with GETS

Once the upgrades are complete, contact GETS to book a post-retrofit EnerGuide home evaluation for us to stop by, document the changes made, and give our final sign off and approval. Post-retrofit EnerGuide home evaluations take about an hour for a standard home. Once we sign off on your project, you will be able to access the available rebates.

(Optional) 6. Leave the Details to Us!

Upgrade your service and we will navigate the process for you! We get it – you’re busy and you’d prefer to spend your time doing anything but navigating these processes.

For an extra $85, you can upgrade to include the GETS Application Service, which provides an additional report that:

  • lists all potential rebates available in B.C. and

  • outlines specifically what changes would need to be made to your home to achieve applicable rebates.


Once the updates have been made to your home, we will fill out and submit the rebate application on your behalf, ensuring you receive the rebate money we forecasted. We save homeowners the time of navigating these processes while also ensuring applications are submitted correctly and on time so that all applicable rebates are achieved.

The GETS Application Service, promises a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We are confident in our ability to identify available rebates and help you achieve them: if we fall short and the rebates we identified are not achieved, we will personally reimburse you for the cost of your energy assessment as well as gift you the rebate money we indicated that you would receive.*


* Terms and conditions apply.

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