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Organic Garden

Our Book One, Plant One Promise:
We plant a tree for every EnerGuide home evaluation journey completed with us: 1,003 trees have been planted to date.

The program we are proud to support focuses their efforts across nine countries in sub-Saharan Africa where the climatic and economic challenges are most detrimental. As part of the program, farmers are provided seeds and tools, as well as one year of training on sustainable land use, agroforestry, and how to increase food security for themselves and their communities. This training teaches farmers how to plant trees such as fruits, nuts, vegetables and grains. Farmers can harvest their garden to nourish themselves and feed their families as well as sell the excess food to local markets to feed their community and increase their income.

To each of our customers: You can be proud that you've done your part and added value in our tree-planting journey. We are loyal supporters of this program as it prevents hunger and poverty for participating farmers while simultaneously protecting the environment.

To our future customers: Learn more about the EnerGuide Home Evaluation process and book your EnerGuide Home Evaluation today! We promise we will plant a tree when your journey is complete!

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